Matteo Capone
Centro Italia

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Matteo investigate environmental issues in three different sites of Italy: Bussi sul Tirino-Piano d’Orta (Abruzzo), Terni-Papigno (Umbria) and Orbetello (Tuscany). 

Matteo Capone born in Rome in 1997. In 2020 he graduated in Photography at the ‘Istituto Europeo di Design (IED)’ in Rome. He is a contemporary photographer interested in the research and the visual documentation of current issues and he uses landscape, documentary and abstract pho- tography as artistic expression and visual language.

SIN - SIN is a photographic documentation study that focuses on current issues as environment and pollution. In Italy there are 12,482 potentially contaminated areas; 38 are considered highly polluted indeed the “Ronchi decree” (1997) established to declare them Sites of National Interest (SIN).

The work concerns 3 SINs in the centre of Italy: Bussi sul Tirino-Piano d’Orta (Abruzzo), Terni-Papigno (Umbria) and Orbetello (Tuscany). These sites are located near naturalistic-tourist areas and have similar pollution. There are former factories of the Montecatini mining and chemical company, active or abandoned chemical poles, asbestos and huge waste dumps.

This project was realized through landscape and abstract photography, the research of historical pictures and advertising posters  that allowed the analysis of the differences between past and present and a geographical mapping that allowed to locate these places clearly visible also from the satellite vision.